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Bunker Hill Medal, awarded to Cpt. Ewing, 1775 (electrotype copy)

Bunker Hill Medal, 1775 (electrotype copy)

Obverse, the royal monogram of King George III surmounted by a crown, with inscription around

Bunker Hill Medal, 1775 (electrotype copy)

Reverse, engraved inscription

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Bunker Hill Medal, 1775 (electrotype copy)

The Battle of Bunker Hill is now famous in American history and folklore as the engagement in which it was first made clear that the American colonists' militia could match and defeat the forces of the British Army sent to quell the insurgency that would result in the Declaration of Independence.
This is a copy made by electrolysis of a silver star awarded to one of the British officers wounded in the battle, Captain Ewing. The engraving reads: "By Order of the King with 300 pounds of the Wound Capt Ewing Recvd the 17 of June 1775".
Lester Watson purchased the copy from the London dealer Baldwin in 1937.