Vallotton, Félix Edouard 1834-1917
L'Enterrement (The Funeral)
Woodcut, 1891
Bequeathed by Campbell Dodgson 1949

Born in Switzerland, Vallotton was one of the 'Nabis', a group of young, radical artists working in Paris in the 1880s. He had moved to the French capital at the age of seventeen to begin conventional artistic training, but very quickly became one of the leading figures in the avant-garde movements. He joined the group of Indépendants.. His woodcuts fall almost entirely within ten years from 1891. L'enterrement was his sixth attempt in the medium, and is one of four woodcuts based on the theme of funerals. Vallotton's work because influential because it appeared in books and periodicals and was widely disseminated.


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