Exhibition Highlights

Each of these items from the Exhibition has a particular story of its own, often marking the place of a single individual in a great event in history. Click on the thumbnails for a full-sized image and to learn more about the medal in question.

Image["Waterloo Medal, 1815"]

Waterloo Campaign Medal by Thomas Wyon, 1815

Image["Crimea Medal, 1854"]

Crimea Medal by Thomas Wyon; bar for Sebastopol

Image["Marne Medal, 1914"]

The Battle of the Marne, by Jules Prosper Legastelois, 1914

Image["Jutland Medal, 1915"]

The Battle of Jutland, cast-iron medal by Walter Eberbach, 1916

Image["Burma War Medal, 1826"]

Burma War Medal, gold, by W. Daniell, 1826

Image["Coorg Medal, 1837"]

Coorg Medal, 1837

Image["Ghuznee Medal, 1839"]

Ghuznee Medal, 1839

Image["Ashanti War Medal, 1901"]

Ashanti War Medal, by G. W. de Saulles, 1901; bar for Kumassi

Image["`Dangers Averted', c. 1859"]

Dangers Averted, gold medal, c. 1589, attributed to Nicholas Hilliard

Image["Boulton's Trafalgar Medal, 1805"]

Boulton�s Trafalgar Medal, by C. H. K�chler, 1805; silver (frosted proof, in watch-glass case)

Image["Arctic Medal, 1876"]

Arctic Medal, 1875-76, by L. C. Lyon, 1876

Image["Distinguished Flying Medal"]

Distinguished Flying Medal

Image["New Zealand Cross, 1871"]

New Zealand Cross awarded to Trooper Antonio Rodriguez, 1871

Image["Victoria Cross, 1917"]

Victoria Cross awarded to Edward Mott, 1917

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