The Fitzwilliam Museum: a source of inspiration

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Image["Augustus John, portrait of Sir William Nicholson"]
Alan Bennett

Image["The Goddess Persephone"]
Helaine Blumenfeld

Image["Ivory plaque"]
Richard Bray

Image["Samuel Palmer, The Magic Apple Tree"]

Image["Courtyard scone"]
Alma Cullen

Image["Giant Imari charger"]
Edmund de Waal

Image["Limestone sculptor's model"]
Christophe Gordon-Brown

Image["Auguste Rodin, Man with a broken nose"]
Antony Gormley

Image["The Cambridge Hoard, pre conservation"]
Susanna Gregory

Image["Leeds Pottery teapot"]
Rebecca Harvey

Image["The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book"]
Christopher Hogwood

Image["Melon-shaped ewer"]
Joanna Howells

Image["Rubens, A path bordered by trees"]
John Hubbard

Image["Simone Martini, Three Saints"]
Diane Hudson

Image["Peter Lanyon, Shy Deep"]
Nathan Huxtable

Image["Carlo Dolci, Sir John Finch"]
David Kinloch

Patrick Lennon

Image["Roelant Savery, Orpheus with beasts and birds"]
Adrian Mitchell

Image["Thomas Gainsborough, Heneage Lloyd and his sister"]
Jill Paton Walsh

Image["Barbara Hepworth, Fugue"]
Ruth E. Scott

Image["Keith Grant, Volcano and white bird, Iceland"]
Michelle Spring

Image["The Fitzwilliam Museum"]
Robin Stemp

Image["The Fitzwilliam Notebook"]
Rebecca Stott

Image["Thomas Hardy, original manuscript of Jude the Obscure"]
Claire Tomalin

Image["Seated figure of Isis nurnsing Horus"]
Marina Warner

Image["Head of Princess Meritaten"]
Peter Whitehead

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