Book of the Dead: spell 95

Image["Vignette from Ramose Book of the Dead"]

Vignette from Spell 95
of the Book of the Dead of Ramose

Spell 95 is ‘for being in the presence of Thoth’, The vignette (small picture) shows Ramose bowing slightly forward and raising his arms in worship before an ibis-headed god, who is sitting on a white, shrine-shaped plinth. The god in question is Thoth. He has a symbol of the moon, both as a crescent and as the full moon, on his head. The figure of Ramose is very well painted; as well his eye being outlined in black and a tiny black beard, the folds in his neck are also shown in thin black lines, indicating that his head is bowed forward.

Translation of spell 95

Notes on Translation
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Passport to the Egyptian Afterlife
The Book of the Dead of Ramose

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