Johannes von Stumm

Johannes von Stumm, Photographer: Henryk Hetflaisz

Johannes von Stumm lives and works near Oxford, and became a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 1997 and a Fellow in 2003. He received his diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 1989, and has lectured extensively. In 2006 his sixteen feet high steel sculpture Couple in Conversation was commissioned to stand in the centre of Newbury, Berkshire.

Johannes von Stumm works in stone, glass and metal, fusing these materials together to create “symbols of a finely balanced and fragile unity”. For the past seven years he has extended his work into figurative sculpture, creating “immaterial figures” using bronze or stainless steel. With these figures, von Stumm eliminates the shadows to create figures of light and ultimate transparency, using the negative space to let light into increasingly complex and exciting forms. These works are a logical progression of von Stumm’s mission to translate and transform into solid sculpture the transitory effects of light; effectively to de-materialise the image in space.

Mother and Child, Photographer: Henryk Hetflaisz

Mother and Child, 2009
Stainless Steel

Mother and Child forms part of von Stumm’s ‘Immaterial’ series, and continues the artist’s explorations of figures “made out of space and light”. Here, the central image of light streaming through space represents much more than a technical solution to a problem of form. In this work’s evocations of purity and transcendence, light quite literally becomes enlightenment, confirming von Stumm’s belief that “it is the spiritual energy of a piece of art that counts, and nothing else”.

Photo of Johannes von Stumm: Henryk Hetflaisz


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